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14130 Juanita Drive Kirkland, WA 98034

Services from Our Veterinarian in Kenmore WA

If you feel that your beloved pets deserve special care, bring them to Finn Hill Animal Hospital. Our veterinarian in Kenmore WA, Dr. Raja Velu, offers free pets exams for first-time pets as well as discounts on various procedures. We're happy to examine and treat exotic pets as well as dogs and cats. We even offer holistic and alternative treatment methods such as chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture. Our services include:Vet Services in Kenmore WA

  • Pet Exams & Vaccines - Regular pet exams can detect any little issues before they become big ones. We also administer vaccines to protect your animals against dangerous diseases.
  • Spay & Neuter - We provide spay and neuter surgery, not just for contraception purposes but to eliminate your pet's risk for reproductive cancer.
  • Pet Dentistry - Annual dental checkups and cleanings are essential for protecting your pet against the ravages of periodontal disease and oral cancer. 
  • Health Problems - When your pet needs help, you can rely on our veterinarian in Kenmore WA. We can provide all kinds of internal and external medicine.
  • Emergencies - From poison ingestion and traumatic injuries to heat stroke, we're ready to help by providing prompt, effective emergency care.
  • Grooming/Flea Control - Grooming can keep your pet's skin, hair and nails healthy. We can also administer flea prevention to control these disease-transmitting pests.
  • Pet Boarding/Pet Sitting - Whether you're on an extended trip or just away overnight, our veterinary clinic makes the ideal pet boarding and pet sitting center!
  • Surgery - Our facility can perform many different kinds of pet surgery, from fracture repair to tumor removal.
  • Microchipping - We can inject a tiny microchip under your pet's skin that contains unique ID information connected to a national pet registration database. 
  • Exotic Pets - Birds, ferrets, rabbits and pocket pets are all welcome at Finn Hill Animal Hospital. We can provide everything from preventative care to emergency treatment.
  • Diagnostics - Our ultrasound, digital x-rays and lab testing equipment ensure quick, accurate diagnosis so we can deliver the right treatment as quickly as possible.
  • Holistic Medicine - We provide acupuncture and chiropractic care for pets who can benefit from these conservative, drug-free treatments.
  • Nutrition/Diet Counseling & Pharmacy - We can help your pet lose weight and provide general nutritional counseling. Our in-house pharmacy ensures ready access to any prescribed medications.
  • Behavioral Counseling - Behavioral problems may be diseases in disguise, or they may simply require training. We can help you enjoy a better-behaved pet.
  • Telemedicine & House Calls - We're happy to answer any veterinary questions you may have over the phone. If your pet can't come to us, we can provide many services via house calls.
  • End of Life Care - When the time comes, we can provide grief counseling, end of life guidance and humane euthanasia services.

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