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14130 Juanita Drive Kirkland, WA 98034

Veterinary Services at Finn Hill Animal Hospital in Redmond, WA

At Finn Hill Animal Hospital in Redmond, WA, everything we do demonstrates commitment and caring for our patients – your pet. Each member of our expert staff is individually focused on every animal that comes in the door including dogs, cats, exotics, ferrets, birds, pocket pets and other companion pets. We offer a complete range of services including holistic care, wellness, nutrition, senior care, dental, surgery and more. Here is a more detailed look at the services we offer for your pet.


As technology and medicine advances, so does the protection today’s vaccines provide for your pet. For dogs, we protect against canine distemper, parvovirus, Bordetella, rabies, Lyme disease and for cats – feline leukemia, panleukopenia, rabies and feline immunodeficiency virus. We recognize that you may not wish to give your pet all injections and our staff will graciously work with you to determine how best to guard him against disease. Also, depending on your lifestyle and interests, your pet may need some additional vaccinations. We will work with you to determine if those are necessary.

Regular Exams and Wellness Checks

Think of your pet’s wellness check as your yearly physical. Here at Finn Hill Animal Hospital, your pet’s yearly exam consists of checks for vision, ears issues, respiratory problems, cardiac health, weight and appetite and more. We also draw blood to monitor his blood count as well as perform, with your permission, of course, any other laboratory tests based on what we see in the examination.

When Your Pet is Sick

small viszla dogAlthough it is something we don’t like to think about, illness is an inevitable part of pet ownership. Older pets often become stiff and movement can be painful. Most often this is osteoarthritis. Our advanced therapy for the treatment of OA is the use of stem cells which have proven to increase mobility and lessen pain. Everyone dreads the “C” word, but today there are many treatments for cancer that indeed lengthen life and improve its quality. Allergies are another problem that makes life miserable for your pet. Bring your pet to the hospital in Redmond, WA at any sign of scratching, hot, red ears, hair loss bumps, or wheezing. Eye problems can make getting around difficult for your pet. Eye redness, tearing, light sensitivity, cloudy eye and bulging eyeball are all symptoms that indicate a prompt visit to our clinic.

Special Services

As part of our one-stop care for your pet, we offer additional services. Grooming is necessary for both cleanliness and for a happy and healthy pet. Regular baths and nail trims get rid of the dirt and germs your pet picks up during outdoor playtime as well as keep him comfortable.  Flea and tick protection is a vital part of good health. Ticks are Lyme disease carriers and fleas can carry tapeworms. We have the products you need to guard against these dangers. When your pet loses weight or his coat looks dull, a fecal check and possible de-worming will restore him to his usual vigor.

For more information about our veterinary services in Redmond, give us a call today at 425-814-2220! 

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