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14130 Juanita Drive Kirkland, WA 98034

Kirkland, WA Veterinarian Diagnosis Common Pet ProblemsKirkland, WA Veterinarian At Finn Hill Animal Hospital Diagnosis Common Pet Problems including illness, sick dog, sick cat & also treats any issues

At Finn Hill Animal Hospital we like to see our furry patients for wellness exams on a regular basis. In an ideal world that's the only time we'd see your pet, but other problems can arise in between checkups. Illness can happen at any time to both cats and dogs, and we're ready to care for your pet, no matter what symptoms it's showing.

Pet Illness in Kirkland WA

The most common reasons for visits to our office vary between cats and dogs, but some problems are universal in all animals. Tooth infections and other dental problems are in the top 10 list in both canine and feline illness. Good home dental care can prevent some of these problems, but it's crucial to watch your pet to make sure it's not developing more serious dental issues. Mouth infections can easily travel to the intestines and throughout the body, endangering your pet's health and life.

Pet illness in Kirkland WA also include troubles with the thyroid in both species, as well as stomach and digestive problems. Otitis externa, or ear infections, can strike both cats and dogs. Dogs are twice as likely as cats to develop it, and it can be caused by ear mites, allergies and contact with certain outdoor plants.

Fleas and ticks are common in both pets, and can top the list of frequent visits in our office, depending on the time of year. Outdoor pets are more susceptible to parasites than indoor ones, but any animal that spends any time outside can be a parasite victim.

Sick Dog? Contact Kirkland, WA Veterinarian?

Some dogs develop diseases that don't bother cats. One of the most common later in life is arthritis. Cats can get arthritis, too, but it's much more obvious in dogs. If your pet is limping on its daily walk and won't jump up on the couch any more, that's a good sign that arthritis has begun to affect its joints.

Benign skin tumors are common in dogs, and they can occur at any age. Finding a lump on your dog's body can be a frightening experience, but in many cases it's just an operable lump that does absolutely no harm.

Eye infections are more common in dogs, as well. If your pet has excess tearing, an odd discharge or is constantly pawing at its eyes, bring it in to our office. Eye infections can almost always be easily treated, but they can endanger your pet's eyesight if left alone.

Sick Cat in Kirkland, WA? Visit Finn Animal Hospital Veterinarian 

Cats are hard to figure out. They tend to hide their illnesses, and by the time you find them, they could be very sick, indeed. It's almost always easier to treat a sick animal when it first contracts a disease, so it's important that you watch your cat and make note of any behavioral changes. Is your cat hiding or neglecting its grooming? If your cat is lying very quietly with its shoulders hunched, this is a good sign that we need to see it.

Watch your cat's digestion. It may eat or drink more or less than usual, urinate or defecate more or less, or even vomit repeatedly. Diarrhea is always a serious sign and should be taken as a signal to call our office right away.

Getting an annual wellness exam is a great first start in being a pet owner, but it's important to pay attention to your pet's behavior and contact us when it changes significantly. We're here to help keep your pets happy and healthy. Whether you've got a sick dog or a sick cat in Kirkland WA, call our office for a same-day appointment at 425-814-2220.

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