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14130 Juanita Drive Kirkland, WA 98034

Your First Visit to Our Kirkland Vet: What to Expect

Here at Finn Hill Animal Hospital, we know that finding a trustworthy veterinarian in Kirkland can be a challenge; that's why we strive to be the area's one-stop shop for all veterinary care needs. From wellness exams and dental care to grooming, boarding, and even holistic services—we do it all, treating your pet with the care and compassion you expect. If you're new to our vet office, however, you may be wondering what to expect from your pet's first visit with us. We hope we can provide you with some insight so you can come into your pet's first appointment feeling welcome and prepared.

Dog in Kirkland visiting the vet

Your Puppy/Kitten's First Visit: What to Expect

A puppy or kitten's first exam with us will be a different experience than that of an older dog or cat. Typically, we consider puppies or kittens to be any age under about 10 months. During this time in your pet's life, your puppy or kitten is doing a great deal of growing and developing. Therefore, our veterinary technicians and veterinarians will want to take some time to focus specifically on making sure your pet is developing at a healthy and steady rate.

Upon arriving at our office, you and your pet will be led into an exam room, where a veterinary technician will begin the exam by observing your kitten or puppy and taking the time to get to know him or her. During this time, we'll also ask some questions about your pet's behavior, including eating and potty habits. This is also a good time to ask any questions you may have or bring up any potential concerns about your pet.

From there, the exam will continue and will include weighing your pet and checking its temperature if needed. Once the vet arrives, we will work on checking your pet's eyes, ears, and teeth in addition to listening to the heart beat and breathing of your pet. Our technician will also check your pet's lymph nodes, joints, and skin to ensure that everything is looking good. Your pet's weight and other information will be recorded for future reference, and we'll also give you the opportunity to have any necessary vaccinations done on your pet. More than likely, your young pet will need several.

Your Adult/Senior Pet's First Visit: What to Expect

An older pet's first visit will vary a bit from a puppy or kitten's first visit. If you have access to your pet's past vet records, we recommend bringing them into our office for review so we can determine whether your pet needs any vaccinations and be aware of any past health issues. From there, we'll conduct the same procedures as we would with a puppy or kitten, but we'll also want to focus on talking about your pet's diet and nutrition. As pets age, their nutritional needs change, so we may have recommendations when it comes to food changes or even lifestyle changes to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Request an Appointment With Our Kirkland Veterinarian

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