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14130 Juanita Drive Kirkland, WA 98034

Emergency Veterinarian in Kirkland Discusses Cat Emergencies

Cat emergency Kirkland WA veterinarian

Cat emergencies seem to happen when you least expect them – your kitten can be playing peacefully one minute then fall from a very high place the next moment. Your furry friend relies on you to recognize a pet emergency and to take immediate action. Fortunately, your emergency vet in Kirkland is always available to provide care to your sick or injured feline.

Types and Signs of Kirkland Cat Emergencies


This is one of the most serious Kirkland cat emergencies. Trauma may be the result of attack from another animal, for example, or being hit by a car. Injuries can include broken bones, internal bleeding, cuts and pain. Signs of trauma include abnormal posture, irregular movements, bleeding, seizures, loss of consciousness, and signs of pain.


This may be a sign that your feline friend is having a cat emergency. When your cat is in pain, it may pace, be restless, show signs of agitation or aggression, or have a rapid heartbeat. When your cat has signs of pain, contact your veterinarian immediately to help you determine the severity of your pet’s pain and whether your cat needs emergency care.


Coughing could be a sign of a serious veterinary emergency for your cat. In fact, any respiratory problem requires immediate attention from your vet. Viruses, bacteria, pneumonia, bronchitis, or even some types of heart disease can cause cough in cats; only your veterinarian can determine the cause and whether your cat needs emergency care.


This is a serious cat emergency as many substances are toxic to cats and it takes only a small amount to ingest a lethal dose. Antifreeze, lily plants, cleaning chemicals, medications, fertilizer, chocolate and many other substances can cause serious or even life threatening illness in cats. Signs of toxic ingestion include drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, pale gums and excessive thirst.

Ingestion of Foreign Objects

This is common in cats, as they are very curious by nature. Kittens sometimes eat the items they encounter, such as strings, ribbons or fishing wire. These items could stick in the cat’s throat and present a choking hazard, or travel further down the gut to cause intestinal obstruction or even perforation.


Allergic reactions can occur in cats. Kittens can develop allergies to insect bites, for example, or be sensitive to vaccines. Anaphylaxis is a serious and potentially life threatening form of an allergic reaction. Signs of anaphylaxis include vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, lethargy and collapse. Facial swelling, hives, and itchiness may also be present.


Seizures are a sign of abnormal activity in your cat’s brain. Seizures may be the result of something happening inside your pet’s brain, such as epilepsy, brain swelling or tumors. Problems occurring outside of the brain, such as low blood sugar or electrolyte imbalances, may also cause seizures.

Open Wounds

Wounds from fights can present a cat with a veterinary emergency. Any cut, puncture or open wound in your cat’s skin warrants attention from your emergency vet in Kirkland, as wounds may develop infections and difficult to treat abscesses.

Other Difficulties

Difficulty urinating is a pet emergency. Straining to urinate is a sign of a serious problem, such as crystals or stone in your cat’s bladder. Other problems, such as inflammation, blood clots, or cancer can cause difficulty urinating, as can stress. Contact your Kirkland veterinarian right away if your cat strains but does not pass urine, as this is a sign of a life threatening emergency that needs the prompt attention of a veterinarian.

Contact us for Cat Emergencies in Kirkland

If you suspect your cat is in need of immediate attention, do not wait to seek care. Contact our emergency veterinarian in Kirkland at Finn Hill Animal Hospital by calling 425-814-2220. We are conveniently located at 14130 Juanita Drive in Kirkland, WA.

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