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Microchipping for Kirkland WA Pets

Nothing keeps responsible pet owners tossing and turning at night like the prospect of their beloved companion going missing. Even if your pet is wearing a name tag on his collar, you have no assurance that either the tag or the collar won't get removed, making the animal completely unidentifiable to strangers. If you want to make sure a local shelter can confirm his identity and contact you, the smartest solution is to have a tiny microchip installed. Here at Finn Hill Animal Hospital, we're happy to provide quick, affordable microchipping for Kirkland WA pets.

dog with needle being inserted by a veterinarian Exactly what is a microchip, how is it installed, and how can it help a pet get traced back to his owner? A microchip is a tiny memory chip, no larger than a grain of rice, with some very important data recorded on it. This data includes a unique ID number, along with the contact information for a pet registry service. (When you have the microchip implanted, you will also register your pet with the service.) No surgery is required in our Kirkland WA microchipping service; we simply use a syringe to inject the tiny chip beneath your pet's skin, usually in the shoulder area. This makes it a convenient outpatient procedure that can easily be performed in the course of a routine wellness evaluation. 

You never have to worry about your pet's microchip running out of power, because it doesn't have its own power supply. It's a passive RF (radio frequency) transponder, meaning that it responds to the energy emitted by a microchip scanning device. If your pet goes missing and ends up in an animal shelter, the shelter staff will use such a scanner to see if your pet has been microchipped. The chip will then transmit the ID data to the scanner. The shelter staff will submit this information to the animal registry service, which will respond by telling them how to reach you and tell you that your pet has been found.

Your Resource for Kirkland WA Microchipping

As you can see, Kirkland WA microchipping can prove tremendously valuable in reuniting you with your pet -- possibly even saving him from being euthanized at an overcrowded shelter. Of course, that doesn't mean you should rely on the microchip as your pet's one and only form of identification. Shelter workers, vets and others who work with animals may carry microchip scanners, but the general public doesn't, so you should also make sure your pet has a traditional tag displaying all the necessary contact information. You should also remember to update the information with the registry service whenever you change addresses or phone numbers, or if you've adopted a pet registered under a previous owner.

Take a simple step that can make all the difference between a tragic loss and a joyous reunion. Contact Finn Hill Animal Hospital today and take advantage of our Kirkland WA microchipping service!

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