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14130 Juanita Drive Kirkland, WA 98034

Pet Orthopedic Surgery In Kirkland

We know that when we say the word “surgery” to many of our pet owners, they are struck with fear. But surgery doesn’t have to be scary, especially when performed by one of our expert surgeons in our modern surgical suite using the safest products available today. Let us tell you more.

Cat in Kirkland in need of pet surgery

Types of Surgeries

We perform everything from the most routine of all surgeries – spay and neuters – to more complex orthopedic and gastrointestinal surgeries. We perform surgeries including:

  • Spay and neuters
  • Eye surgery
  • Bladder surgery
  • Tumor removal
  • Gastrointestinal surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Cancer surgery
  • Skin surgery
  • Thyroid Surgery

Causes of Orthopedic Problems

We pride ourselves on our abilities to perform all surgery, but orthopedics is our specialty. Injuries are a major reason pets need surgery. Falls, automobile accidents, rigorous play and even rough handling can result in injuries that need surgery. Anatomically, some dogs are predisposed to issues such as hip dysplasia, which is a painful condition affecting larger breeds that can be helped with surgery. Surgery can also help pets with osteoarthritis, an orthopedic problem that is age-related.

Orthopedic Surgery At Our Kirkland Animal Hospital

Just like us humans, pets can suffer intense pain from musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis, and where surgery is the only way to help heal their pain. We are experts in performing all kinds and levels of orthopedic surgeries including hip dysplasia, fractured bones, repair of ruptured ACL, and more. In addition, we are the only animal hospital in the area that has the Grady Laser – a cold laser light therapy that invigorates cells to regenerate and stimulates blood circulation, necessary for healing the pet’s pain and injury. This tool is still relatively new and has proven to achieve extraordinary success in our surgical suite.

Why is Laser Surgery Beneficial?

Laser surgery is not invasive and allows us to target a small area of the pet’s body, which means we don’t need to make any major incisions. Because of this, the pet experiences less post-surgical pain, less bleeding and reduced swelling.

The Day of Surgery

After we have determined that your pet needs surgery, on the scheduled day we will prepare him or her in a calm, relaxed and caring environment. We use the safest anesthesia products and monitor your pet throughout the procedure using the epitome of advanced tools and equipment. After surgery, your pet will be moved to a quiet area where we can monitor his or her recovery. For many procedures, pets can go home the same day.

Depending on the surgery, your pet will be sore to some degree and may need quiet and confinement. We will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your pet once you get home, but we welcome your questions and will address any of your concerns.

No matter how routine or complex your pet’s surgery, we understand that you’re probably anxious. Rest assured your pet is in expert hands with our Finn Hill Animal Hospital veterinarians. Call and we'll tell you more.

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