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Vaccinations for Kittens from our Kirkland Veterinarian

Pets are like a member of the family. Keeping your pet safe and healthy requires taking the right steps for their ongoing health and well-being. Our veterinarian in Kirkland is here to take care of your pets’ needs at all phases of life.

One of the first and most foundational steps to health and wellness is getting your pet on a vaccine schedule. Additional routine care from Finn Hill Animal Hospital like parasite testing, flea treatments, pet dental care and pet teeth cleaning are important, but pet vaccines can help to protect the health and enhance the quality of life of your pet.

kitten being vaccinated by a veterinarian in Kirkland

Benefits of Vaccines

Vaccines trigger protective immune responses to assist with fighting infections from disease-causing agents. They stimulate antibody production to protect your pet against disease. Your Kirkland veterinarian is here to ensure your pet receives the right vaccinations on the appropriate time schedule.

Vaccines can help to reduce or prevent instances of disease in your pet. They can also prevent the spread of disease among pets and humans in your community. Best of all, vaccines help to ensure a high quality of life and a long life span for your pet.

Start your new kitten on an appropriate vaccine schedule right away. The first dose of a vaccine often just primes the system for immunity. Subsequent doses are required to enhance the immune system and ensure protection against the disease.

Types of Vaccines

Core vaccines for cats include rabies, as well as:

  • Panleukopenia Virus
  • Feline Calicivirus
  • Rhinotracheitis

(These vaccines are combined in one injection called FVRCP.)

Additional non-core vaccines include Bordetella (B. bronchiseptica), Leptospirosis and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV).  In a kitten’s first few months of life, vaccines are typically scheduled 3 to 4 weeks apart, with the final vaccination given at four months.     

Your Kirkland veterinarian Finn Hill Animal Hospital is here to take care of all the health needs of your new kitten or puppy. We are your premier veterinary services veterinarian in Kirkland, and also serve other adjacent Seattle area communities such as Bothell, Mill Creek, Redmond, Woodinville, and Kenmore. We bring high-quality, affordable vet services to the area to ensure your pet has the healthiest life possible. In addition to pet vaccinations, we also offer pet dental, pet teeth cleaning, flea treatments, spay and neuter services, parasite screening, nutritional counseling, pet boarding and much more.

Make an Appointment to Get Your Kitten Vaccinated at Finn Hill Animal Hospital in Kirkland

Our trusted veterinarian in Kirkland is experienced in all aspects of pet health care. In addition to treating dogs and cats, he can also ensure the health of your pocket pets, birds and ferrets. Our animal hospital can assist with injuries and pet emergencies as well. We look forward to meeting your brand new kitten and getting him or her on track with the right vaccinations and a long, happy life! Contact us today at 425-814-2220.

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