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3 Benefits of In-Home Euthanasia in Redmond

Saying goodbye is the hardest part of being a pet parent. Unfortunately, our four-legged companions have much shorter lifespans than we do, which makes those painful goodbyes nearly unavoidable. To make matters even more challenging, our pets often
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Pet Clinic Kirkland


So, your pup got into the Halloween candy. You may have just spent the last 10 minutes online looking at some weird charts and trying to figure out whether that dark chocolate was really all that dark. In the end, though, you know the right decision

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Pet Clinic Woodinville

When your home includes pets, you need to have a vet who you can rely on for both routine and emergency services. Just like you need to have a doctor for yourself and your human family members, you need to have a veterinarian for your furry
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Finding a Veterinarian Near Mill Creek

As a pet parent, ensuring that your four-legged friend has proper veterinary care is crucial. Whether you have just adopted a new pet or you are relocating to a different city, you need to find someone you can rely on to provide compassionate care
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Pet Vaccine Clinic in Kirkland, WA

When we take a pet into our homes, we're adopting a family member. This means that we’re also tasked with being responsible for the health of that new family member. This can often be one of the most difficult -- and expensive -- parts of pet
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Located in Kirkland, our full service pet clinic offers everything from wellness exams for dogs and cats to pet boarding and grooming to emergency veterinary care.

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