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So, your pup got into the Halloween candy. You may have just spent the last 10 minutes online looking at some weird charts and trying to figure out whether that dark chocolate was really all that dark. In the end, though, you know the right decision is to bring your furry troublemaker into the vet’s office. We’ve seen this scenario play out

countless times, especially with those wily dog breeds. When you need a pet clinic in Kirkland, Finn Hill Animal Hospital is here to help.


We believe in comprehensive care for pets, and that means your little companions needs will always be met in a way that works with your preferences on the type of care they receive as well as your family’s budget. We know that not every situation is the same, just like how each pet is unique. There’s no one size fits all approach to veterinary care here at Finn Hill. Dr. Raja Velu is committed to offering both traditional as well as holistic procedures to treat ailments in pets. That means you have a choice when it comes to your pet’s care.



Pet Clinic in Kirkland

Modern veterinary care has brought plenty of amazing inventions, such as the microchip and anesthesia for pet dental care or surgeries. We have tools like blood and urine tests, x-rays and ultrasound to look inside of a pet to see what’s wrong. Procedures like spays and neuters are straightforward and pose minimal risk to pets these days. However, some people find that a more holistic approach to their pet’s care allows for more compassionate treatment of an animal’s welfare. That includes acupuncture sessions in place of drastic surgical options, homeopathy in lieu of pharmaceuticals and chiropractic care in place of medications of procedures. Our Kirkland pet clinic is dedicated to offering these special services to pet owners who are interested in trying alternative methods that are often less invasive or disruptive to a pet’s system. You can always discuss your preferences with the veterinarian so that you’re on the same page about your pet’s care.


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Located in Kirkland, our full service pet clinic offers everything from wellness exams for dogs and cats to emergency veterinary care.

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