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When we take a pet into our homes, we're adopting a family member. This means that we’re also tasked with being responsible for the health of that new family member. This can often be one of the most difficult -- and expensive -- parts of pet ownership. From learning what your pet needs, to ensuring they get the preventative care necessary to lead a long, healthy life, there is a lot to learn. One way to fulfill this role for your pet is to enlist of assistance of a vaccine clinic in Kirkland, WA. Vaccinations are one key part of your pet’s preventative care, and they're a great place to start with your newest companion.



Vaccine clinics in Kirkland, WA do provide care for our pets, but they also offer the community an essential service. Preventative care is far less expensive (and traumatizing) for your pet than struggling with a preventable illness. Many diseases that pets are regularly vaccinated for are often fatal or devastating to your pet's system. There can be both short-term and long-term effects, including lifelong disabilities. Veterinarians work hard to keep the costs of vaccinations down so that individuals can gain access to high-quality preventative care and annual veterinary consultations, improving their pet’s overall health and health outlook, as well as saving themselves some pocketbook stress.


Your Pet's Partner in Health

You can consider your veterinarian at your vaccine clinic in Kirkland, WA to be your pet's partner in health. They're going to talk to you about what exactly what your pet needs to stay happy and healthy -- no more and no less. Their goal isn't to throw a list of vaccines at you without any explanation, it's to take in information on your pet's health history and environment and provide a thorough explanation of any recommendations that they make.


If you ever have any questions about the types of vaccinations necessary for your pet, please feel free to reach out to us at Finn Hill Animal Hospital.


Pet Vaccine Clinic in Kirkland, WA
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