Finn Hill Animal Hospital offers complete laboratory, ultrasound and digital radiology services for your pet.

Digital Radiology

At Finn Hill Animal Hospital, we use the latest in advanced digital radiology as part of your pet's diagnostic care. Radiographs help us diagnose and monitor many medical conditions, such as a fractured bone, tumor, or heart problem, or locate an obstruction in your pet's stomach. X-rays and ultrasound are often used together for an accurate diagnosis, depending on your pet’s specific condition.

Our hospital utilizes a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine. Digital radiology has many benefits for your pet, you, and our staff. It produces clear, detailed images that allow our medical team to get a better view of your pet's bones and internal organs and make a more rapid and accurate diagnosis. They’re easier and faster to process than traditional film x-rays, resulting in less time on the x-ray table and less stress for your pet.


Ultrasound is a pain-free, totally non-invasive technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce a real-time image of your pet's internal organs. This tool allows us to get a different view of what’s going on in your pet’s body than x-rays, letting us make an accurate diagnosis.

Ultrasound allows us to fully examine your pet's heart, liver, gallbladder, spleen, adrenal glands, pancreas, kidneys, urinary bladder, and parts of the stomach and intestines. It also works well in conjunction with other diagnostic tools and a wide range of diagnostic procedures. For example, an x-ray showing an enlarged liver can be paired with an ultrasound to identify specific lesions or masses.

Using the ultrasound image as a guide, we can perform biopsies without major surgery and your pet can often go home the same day. These procedures are typically not stressful for your pet and take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to perform.

In-House Diagnostic Laboratory

Preventative medicine as well as diagnosing emergent internal health issues requires the ability to perform a wide range of laboratory tests on blood, urine, feces, and biopsied tissue. Without timely access to precise laboratory test results—blood testing, biopsies, microscopic examinations, bacterial culture sensitivity, and more—it’s difficult to make an accurate diagnosis or assessment of your pet's health.

Finn Hill Animal Hospital offers complete laboratory testing services for your pet. In many cases, our sophisticated instruments and diagnostic capabilities provide us with test results within minutes. Diagnostic testing is also included in pre-anesthetic screenings prior to dental or surgical procedures that require general anesthesia. Annual wellness blood and urine tests, along with other diagnostics, assist us in the early detection of diseases and health conditions.

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Finn Hill Animal Hospital offers in house pet diagnostic tests in the Kirkland, Mill Creek, Woodinville, Bothell, Kenmore, Kingsgate, Mountlake Terrace, Totem Lake, Redmond, Lake Forest Park and the surrounding communities.

Located in Kirkland, our full service pet clinic offers everything from wellness exams for dogs and cats to emergency veterinary care.

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