The veterinary team at Finn Hill is committed to providing you and your pet the finest veterinary care possible. We're a welcoming, skilled, and cost-conscious partner in the care of your beloved companions.

We believe that prevention contributes to your pet's long term health and minimizes the lifetime cost of care. We strongly recommend routine wellness exams, vaccinations, regular lab work, deworming and fecal checks, as well as medications to prevent heartworm, fleas, and ticks to keep your pet in optimum health.

Wellness Examinations

Wellness examinations are the same for your pet as the yearly physical you receive from your doctor. It's a chance for us to assess your pet's overall health, discuss any changes we see, and educate and update you on advancements in veterinary care. It is also an opportunity for you to discuss any of your concerns or ask questions.

At every wellness appointment, we’ll examine your pet's teeth, throat, and oral cavity for signs of illness, check their vision for changes, take a look at the ears for infection, ear mites, allergic reaction, and other related health issues, and ensure the respiratory system is working well. We can assess your pet's heart, palpate lymph nodes and abdomen, inspect the skin, test their internal organs, and check joints and muscles for arthritis and other orthopedic conditions.

We’ll ask you about any changes in your pet's body weight, appetite, urination, and bowel habits and inquire as to your pet's activity level. This allows us to evaluate changes in your pet's health since their last wellness visit.

Despite the very best preventive care, a beloved pet may develop an illness or be injured. Our veterinary internal medicine, advanced diagnostic capabilities, and surgical expertise, complemented by our progressive holistic pet care options, ensure your pet receives a quick and accurate diagnosis and the right treatment. We take time to explain our diagnosis to you and provide you with various options for your pet's treatment.

We're here for all of your pet's needs

Finn Hill Animal Hospital offers wellness exams for pets and owners in the Kirkland, Mill Creek, Woodinville, Bothell, Kenmore, Kingsgate, Mountlake Terrace, Totem Lake, Redmond, Lake Forest Park and the surrounding communities.

Located in Kirkland, our full service pet clinic offers everything from wellness exams for dogs and cats to emergency veterinary care.

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